About Freckle


Using Technology to Benefit Consumers & Retailers

PHRQL (pronounced freckle) is a software development firm that creates enterprise-level electronic health record (EHR) systems for medical nutrition therapy (MNT) coupled with shopper marketing and analytics capabilities. Our Connect & Coach™ solution provides an effective tool for supermarket dietitians while ensuring customers’ health data is protected and secure.

Connect & Coach™ helps supermarket retailers increase:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Frequency of Trips to Stores
  • Consumer Spending per Visit

Connect & Coach™ follows the “gold standard” Nutrition Care Process from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

PHRQL — an acronym for Personal Health Recording for Quality of Life — was spun out of Carnegie Mellon University in 2011 as a provider of solutions for improving the quality, cost, and convenience of health care delivery. The company is based in Pittsburgh.



Paul Sandberg
Co-founder and CEO

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Kumaril Bhattacharya
Co-founder and CTO

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Hank Werronen, Co-Founder and Sr. Advisor
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Beth Casey Gold, MS, RD
Corporate Dietitian and Advisor

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