Connect & Coach™

Stay Connected for Better Health


As a nutritionist, you know that diet and health are personal. Your clients trust you with critical aspects of their lives. It can take time to build that trust.

That’s why there’s Connect & Coach™.

Connect & Coach is more than an electronic health record (EHR).  It’s a relationship builder. You stay connected to your clients, understand their goals, and provide timely follow up. You can view, monitor and coach your clients through their smartphone.

Connect to all Aspects of Your Client’s Care

The Connect & Coach software is comprehensive. You can access:

  • General patient information (contact, demographics, insurance, etc.)
  • Initial intervention
  • Health history
  • Nutrition-specific history
  • Nutrition diagnosis, using the standard Problem, Etiology, Signs/Symptoms (PES) nomenclature
  • Medications
  • Clinical and lab data
  • Patient notes


Connect to Targeted Marketing

The Connect & Coach platform gives you key metrics based on health, location data, food descriptions and social network interactions to help you determine your client’s eating and purchasing behavior. If you are in the retail space, this gives you the opportunity to market loyalty awards and services targeted to a specific client’s preferences.


Connect To Healthcare Providers

  • E-referral through select Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)
  • E-referral through Direct (email)
  • Support nutrition programs certified by insurance companies
  • Get reimbursed electronically from insurance companies
  • Increase referrals to your services through insurance companies marketing channels