An applied nutrition program designed for under-served populations focused on basic nutrition concepts and building the skills to eat healthier.

Meal planning and preparation are critical skills to eating healthier and are made easier by FoodScription™. Technourish™ is a 7 week virtual education program combining both group education and individual coaching. Topics cover learning to identify food, develop balanced meals, and control portion size. Participants are challenged to apply the concepts in their day-to-day lives.

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Get to Know Technourish™

Research disadvantaged communities with an engaging and practical nutrition-based wellness program designed to remove barriers for eating healthier.

Education Content

Evidence-based curriculum based on USDA MyPlate framework.

Personalized Coaching

1 on 1 or small group “labs” to reinforce concepts and address barriers.

Enabling Technology

FoodScription meal planning solution with one year subscription.


  • Identify food by protein, grains, fruit, vegetable, and dairy categories
  • Learn why and how to create balanced meals
  • Learn how to measure and manage portion size
  • Gradually build to planning meals for a week
  • Develop ingredient lists and shopping lists to achieve the weekly meal plan
  • Access video content to help learn concepts and skills
  • Individual coaching to help participants apply concepts in their day